Local press covers Center for LGBT Health Research

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From Pittsburgh’s City Paper:

In the world of LGBT health, Dr. Ron Stall has identified what he calls “the knee and the navel problem.”

For years, studies and subsequent funding for studies revolved around HIV transmission and sexually-transmitted diseases. “Everything in LGBT health, the whole scientific agenda, is to study the area between the knee and the navel,” says Stall, director of the Center for LGBT Health Research at the University of Pittsburgh’s Graduate School of Public Health. “There are multiple health conditions that affect LGBT populations. We sort of know the prevalence rates — how common they are —  but that’s about it. And we certainly don’t know how to stop them.”

Therein lays the focus of Pitt’s Center for LGBT Health Research. Among the work of researchers involved with the center include studying the higher rates of substance use, depression, experience of stigma and discrimination among the bisexual and transgender, to studying young men who have sex with men and how some overcome adversity and achieve positive health outcomes.

The Center started about a year ago and is a rebirth of sorts of Pitt’s Center for Research on Health and Sexual Orientation, which started in the 1990s.

Read the full article on City Paper’s Website.

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