We’re Hiring! Looking for a Postdoctoral Scholar in HIV Prevention Among Gay, Bisexual, and Other MSM and Transgender Women

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The Center for LGBT Health Research is recruiting a post-doctoral scholar to join our team located in the Department of Behavioral and Community Health Sciences at the Graduate School of Public Health at the University of Pittsburgh. The position is funded by a T32 Training Grant from the National Institute of Mental Health and is designed to provide pre- and post-doctoral training in HIV prevention among men who have sex with men (MSM) and/or transgender women. The initial appointment would be for one year, but it is expected that the position would be renewed for a second year.

The exact focus of applicant’s work is negotiable, but must center on HIV prevention among MSM and/or transgender women. We particularly welcome applicants who focus on bio-behavioral HIV prevention research, HIV prevention research among minority MSM, social determinants of HIV risk among MSM, research that focuses on HIV risk among transgender women, or research among aging MSM. The successful post-doctoral applicant will have access to a wide range of funded research and practice projects located at the Center for LGBT Health Research, at the Graduate School of Public Health and/or the Health Sciences at the University of Pittsburgh. Multiple levels of support exist at the Center for LGBT Health Research, the Graduate School of Public Health and the Health Sciences for the design of National Institutes of Health funding applications to support research in any of the above areas, or other foci to improve the quality of HIV prevention efforts among MSM and transgender populations.

Applicants are asked to submit a letter and CV.

For more information please contact: James Egan at jameserinegan@pitt.edu.

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