Andre L. Brown, PhD, MPH

Assistant Professor

Dr. Brown’s research interests center on addressing the social determinants of health and achieving health equity for Black men–especially Black men who have sex with men. He has a special interest in uncovering the individual and social-structural factors which are critical to improving the health and well-being of Black men across the life-course. Most recently, his research has focused on examining the social and cultural factors influencing Black men’s sexual behaviors. Specifically, he examines how experiences of race- and sexual-orientation-based stigma and discrimination, as well as diminished socioeconomic and educational capacity can lead to gender role strain and elicit stress-coping mechanisms that impact their health behaviors, such as concurrency (i.e., overlapping sexual partnerships). Additionally, some of his research focuses on how neighborhood conditions impact Black men’s sexual, drug use, and violence behaviors. Ultimately, he seeks to translate the findings from his research into policies, programs, and multi-level interventions which increase Black men’s access to health-promoting resources at the individual and social-structural levels.